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Concept: Rafael Quintas
Direction/Production: Rafael Quintas and Brandon Hudson
Editing: Brandon Hudson
Dancers: Anna Hicks, Rebekah Moriah Denegal
Photography: Mark Cruz and Brandon Hudson
Original Composition: Renio Quintas
Original Costume Designs: Stephanie Scull

After "It's All Dust" I wanted to jump into my next video project, but I didn't want to do it with no purpose. That's when a friend of mine told me about the dance film festival Dare to Dance in Public. The festival challenged the choreographers and directors to bring their dance into a public space. With that in mind I decided I wanted to make the video about the public's reaction to someone dancing in public. I pulled Brandon aside and we started creative meetings for the project. Digging deeper, creating a solid concept. Because of logistics we decide that focusing the attention on the public wouldn't work out. Around that same time I had started meditating and looking more into self-knowledge and mindfulness. I had been going through some rough times and was looking into how to come out of it. After a lot of research I created the story of this character. Who wakes up on day and decides she wants to dance in public, but her inner critic keeps stopping her and creating fear and doubt in her mind. I went in the studio with the dancers and created from feelings and different words and cues. I reached out to my father Renio Quintas who is an award winner composer and musician in Brazil and he agreed to create the soundtrack for the film. The costumes were also created specially for the characters with their meaning and idea in mind. After the video was finished and submitted Brandon was playing around and made a second version with a different song. It's fun to see how the same story can fit different music, and how the meaning and perspective changes. Here is the music video version.

Fun Fact: Click here to see one of the websites that gave me inspiration for this film. It's a lot of valuable information to help you tame your inner critic. Take a look!

alternative version:

Music: D'Africa- Hold You and
Lionbabe- Treat Me Like Fire
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