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Dancers: Akane Takekawa, Arielle Hope Crieger, Allie Peterson, Blake Gaylord, Cailyn Rice-Robinson, Ellyott Colon, Emmy Frevele, Kylie O'brien,Kristin Farina, Mando Cardona, Stephanie Heckert, Victoria Chabaud.

Music: Praey by Eastghost

Videography and Editing: Brazil @brazilinspires

I first heard this song while visiting Brazil on vacation. The beggining words moved me right away. Who are the "they" the narrator mentions? Where is here and where is the other side? While taking inspiration from these lines I tried to imagine these beings, that to me seemed very deep, but in a way also very innocent. The music has very distinct musical sections and I used this to highlight the contrast between soft slower and brisk harsher movement. I also tried pushing the dancers on their acting and performance bringing honest intentions to each step and detail.

This piece was very meaningful to me as it was my first work after being in Brazil for over two months. This cast was such a pleasure to work with and they were all so open to my concepts and ideas. This definitely unlocked a new part of my choreographer self and lead me to deeper exploration.

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