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pure effect

A Collaboration between: Rafael Quintas and Samuel McReynolds 

Music: Golden Diva - Flying Lotus

On a random day I decided to ask Sam if he wanted to go into the studio, just to freestyle, move around and maybe create something together. After a couple of hours we made up a two minute structure that we both really enjoyed. Later that week I contacted Club Jete and set up to perform a piece. I immediately asked Sam if he would want to continue on our duet and perform it, to which he said yes. It was such a fun and creative process. Me and Sam worked really well together pushing each other through ideas and movement that we wouldn't have found by ourselves.

Sam and I went to school together at Lindenwood University. He was a couple years younger than me,but from the first time I saw him dance I was blown away. He has always been naturally creative and unafraid, which added with his passion and innate talent create the most beautiful movement. I tell him to this day and I'll say it again, he is my favorite dancer (and that is saying something!)

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