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It's All Dust- the video

When I was creating choreography for "It's All Dust" I also had to think of what to do for the background screen. Just a few months before my roommate from college and best friend Brandon Hudson had just moved to L.A. With a common interest in creating and producing videos he suggested we made an original video for the song. We collaborated in the direction of the video. With his camera skills, my choreography, a beautiful location and a few willing dancers the video was born.

Fun Fact: This video was shot, edited and released in 48 hours. 

Direction: Rafael Quintas and Brandon Hudson
Editing: Brandon Hudson
Dancers: Anna Hicks, Barbara Lima, Rafael Quintas, Stephanie Heckert.
Music: Allen French and Ami Miriello ft. Joe Berry (Saxophone)

© 2018 Rafael Quintas - Awareness Through Dance

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