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Dancers: Anna Hicks, Collin Lawrence, Devon Moore, Frank Soares, Jamie Fitzgerald, Sam McReynolds, Steph Gevone Heckert, Timothy Lewis, Victoria Pizzo.

Music: Candle in the Night by Elena Voroniouk and Hot Boxing the Cockpit by Shlohmo. Videography and Editing: Brazil @brazilinspires

Every year Choreographer's Carnival reserves one month to do a full story show. Usually choosing a popular story the producers of the show create a parody with some artistic freedom. This is a scene from "Shrek'd" a Dance Opera. Following the story of the famous green ogre we travel through fairy tale lands and meet many different creatures including the beautiful but deadly sirens. 

Taking inspiration from greek mythology and from both the sirens and the mermaid's myth I decided to create two parts to this piece. The beautiful and the ugly. Once again this choreography was created from structures used in class. I adapted the musicality to each song and this time also included live cues given by the dancers on stage. Try to see who's leading the pack, sometimes by a clap, stomp of a foot or a scream. The dancers were once again free to play with timing and facing. Since "It's All Dust" turned out such a positive experiment, I decided to once again not set formations and let the dancers be free to explore the stage in their characters. I said to them "don't do the movement like you think a mermaid would do. Be the mermaid, and then move." 

Fun Fact: The beginning of the dance is guided by different dancers giving out sound cues. Two claps, a stomp, one clap and a scream. See if you can find which dancer is giving which cue. 

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