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It's All Dust

Dancers: Anna Hicks, Barbara Lima, Brandon Hudson, Devon Moore, Emily Lavengood, Jada Sine, Kasi Kirkpatrick, Leah LaGrange, Lexi Theodore, Mando Cardona, Rafael Quintas, Stephanie Heckert.
Videography: Brazil @brazilinspires
Music: Allen French and Ami Miriello ft. Joe Berry (Saxophone)
Background: Rafael Quintas and Brandon Hudson

When I first find out I'm doing a show I immediately start thinking of which song to use. I usually go through hundreds until finding one I like. With this piece it was a different. The very first time I heard DJ Allen French's "7 AM" I was sold. I knew I needed to use that song for my next choreography. 

I started rehearsals for this piece by teaching some of the structures I has been teaching in class. The theme for this dance was freedom. The rehearsal process was one of the most fun I've had. After fitting the structures to some of the musicality the dancers were able to play with their textures, timing, facing and intentions. The entire piece was done with no set formation, which always made for a new piece each time we rehearsed. This piece was a huge learning process for me and it was amazing to see the dancers connect with themselves and grow each time they did it. 

Fun Fact: The moment where I stand in front and start waving my arm into a fall, the dancers are following me without knowing what I would do. Following while adapting to their own body. Watch each dancer as they follow and see how one movement can create many variations.

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