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chakra solo

Danced and Choreographer by: Rafael Quintas

Music Solo 1: Raspberry by Sage

Music Solo 2: Innerbloom by RUFUS DU SOL

After changing my teaching method in 2017 (read here) I was looking for a chance to showcase my concept of adapting a choreography structure to different songs. I figured the best way for me to accomplish it, would be to do a solo. A scary thought, but it only made me want to do it more. In September 2017 I reached out to Club Jete production to see if they had any availability for the November show (funnily enough I had showcase in November in both 2015 and 2014.) At first they said the line up was full, but if anyone backed out they would contact me. Later that same day they called me and said "That was quick. You're in." I got butterflies. I was very excited, but still scared. Later that week I went into the studio and created a short structure to begin.

Around that same time I started my meditation practice, and through different methods I learned to open and clear my chakras. When I went into the studio a second time I incorporated each of the 7 chakras points into the structure creating a final piece, to no specific music. Try to find it in the structure when I touch each point. Top of the head, third eye (forehead), throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and tail bone.

After finishing the structure I carefully selected 7 songs to represent each of the chakras. I didn't want to know ahead which song I would be dancing to, so I decided to let the audience participate and have two people choose two separate songs.

Music: RVessels by Rationale
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