i WAS a ghost - Choreographer's Carnival 300th show May 2018

Body - Club Jete June 2018

It's All Dust -Choreographer's Carnival Aug. 2017

sirens - choreographer's carnival sep. 2017

chakra solo - club jete nov. 2017



Teaching Philosophy

Class structures

I believe dance is something that is born within every human. Dance is not something that can be “taught”. For example, you have to teach a baby how to walk, talk, and behave. Yet when there is music playing, their body instinctively starts to react to the sounds. Movement is one of the oldest forms of communication in existence. It gives us the power to express what we’re feeling by connecting the brain to the body. As a teacher, there is nothing I love more than watching a student letting their heart guide their bodies through the music. I aim to support every student on their road to self-discovery through movement. During class, I guide the class through a warm up and stretch while working on strength, placement and technique, followed by abs and push-ups. I believe we can better achieve the full potential of our movement when we have awaken every part of our bodies. I then work on getting our mindset ready with a guided meditation, releasing any negative thoughts and feelings and opening space for creative, exciting energy. From there, we will begin to focus on the choreography. The one rule I lead every class with is “There is no wrong”. I always tell the students that every wrong can be a new right. I remind them to learn from the “wrong” instead of letting it scare them. My focus with the choreography is not to have the dancers copy how I move, but rather explore how their bodies adapt to my movement. I encourage them to go deeper by making choices that fall outside of their comfort zones. I will teach the dancers a piece of choreography and challenge them to try it with different songs at the end of class. In hopes that they will learn to study new music and understand different musicality. It has been beautiful to see students relaxing their analytical brains, and letting each song guide their timing, intentions, textures and stories; allowing them to open new doors of creative possibilities. I want every student to feel like they’ve grown as an artist, and to leave a more confident dancer and person.

Same movement structure to two different songs. In this class we played with musicality. Letting each different song guide us with a different vibe. We played with some latin beats and some slower deep techno music. Some of the rules for this structure were holding specific shapes using your core and confident, solid footing while also adapting grooves to personal style. Always a fun challenge!

Music: Love Love Love by Moullinex
Music: Oz Moses by Armand Van Helden 

Freestyle Energy Circle

At the of my classes I like to create a free and safe space for everyone to really let go and dance. I start the circle by creating an energy which guides my movement and then we pass it from person to person. At the end I have the class follow me through some exploratory movement to finish the class as a group.

dance films

I have always been a lover of movies and television. I enjoy being taken to a different world, be introduced to different characters and see the magic happen on the screen. After getting involved with dance I thought my dreams of directing and producing were in the past. I had been wanting to do a dance video for a while, but didn't want to just create choreography and have it taped it in location. I needed something deeper, to challenge myself. That is when "It's All Dust - the Video" came about, which opened new possibilities for creating and expressing. Here are my two dance films, but don't worry. There's more to come.

Make sure to click on "learn more" to see bonus footage and the backstory on how each video came to life.  

why not - a dance film

it's all dust - the video


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